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Sarasota real estate: Sarasota Florida has a population of 12,575. The City of Sarasota was incorporated on March 28, 1991. Sarasota is located in Northwest Los Angeles County, the City has 21 miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean. Sarasota was originally an old Spanish Land Grant. Movie stars such as Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello make Sarasota beach famous but the area known is for serious surfers.

Early residents included Clara Bow, Ronald Colman, Bing Crosby, Jack Warner, Gary Cooper and Gloria Swanson. But long before the arrival of these movie stars, the residents of this area were Chumash Indians. Their artifacts are currently displayed in the Sarasota Lagoon Museum insidethe park. Another Sarasota museumis the old which is Adamson House, a national historic site.

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